Just Be A Dad

“George Cave captures the important aspects of being a dad and conveys the essence with grace, humility and humor. This is a must read book for any man wanting to parent a child regardless of the age of the father or offspring! Dr. Cave is practical and compassionate – traits that are terrific for a husband, father, psychologist and author!” -Jody Kussin, Ph.D. (Author of Catch Them Being Good: A Guide to Positive Parenting)

“I was at a critical cross roads in my life not too long ago. I was sitting in my own despair, when a man walked through the door. The very instant I saw him, I said to myself, ‘That’s him!’ That man was Dr. George Cave. He has enriched my life in a way, that words could ever express. He introduced me to ME! He has taught and shown me, exactly what it truly means to be a man, husband and father. He is the kind of man, that is extremely rare. In his book, Just Be a Dad, Dr. Cave blends scientific facts, personal experience and a very strong sense of “healing energy.” He inspires you to relentlessly pursuit the changes you NEED for yourself first, so you may share these with those in your life you love and care for.” - John Schlecht (Retired NLF athlete, Coach, and “Leader of Men!”)