Just Be A Dad by George Cave

Things My Father Never Told Me

It’s nearly impossible for a man to be a good father if he is not a good husband. Children learn behaviors and how to treat one another by watching the way their parents interact. When a father exercises the influence that he has the entire family will benefit. Dr. Cave notes that men have a tendency to be immature and selfish. However, they must push themselves beyond that way of behaving and thinking. Cave adds: “Only when a man makes an effort to exercise the influence he possesses can he be the type of father that his children need.” The author has found that a man can learn how to be more caring, loving, and involved with his children’s upbringing and have a positive influence on his children.

A father possesses significant influence in the lives of his children, good or bad. This influence will have far-reaching and long-lasting effects on the lives of those children, says psychologist and author George Cave. “Children who are raised with a calm, caring, consistent, and concerned father, who is actively involved in the lives of his sons and daughters, have a tendency to have far fewer problems growing up and as adults,” he states. “These children have the influence of a good father in their lives.”

Being a good father can be the most challenging thing a man will ever do. His actions and reactions can have life-altering consequences for himself and those around him. His influences over those who love him are far-reaching and everlasting. The influence of a father can determine whether a child will become an engineer or be homeless, a doctor or a drug addict, an attorney or a criminal. His influence could determine whether a child grows up to be a caring, loving, polite, and law-abiding adult or remains a self-centered, impulsive, and immature child for the rest of his life.

We, as men, want to use our influence appropriately. Just Be A Dad teaches men how to do so. Even when children seem to be out of control, not doing as their parents ask, failing school, and engaging in delinquent behaviors, the principles in this book cannot help but make matters better for the entire family.

By George Cave, Ph.D

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Genre/Subject: Psychology, self-help

Just Be A Dad: Things My Father Never Told Me ” Table of Contents (link to ToC)


Authors Note

1. A Father’s Influence
2. What Makes a Man a Good Father?
3. Understanding Children’s Behaviors
4. Family Dynamics and Dad’s Influence
5. Being a Good Listener
6. Intimacy and the Four Levels of Communication
7. Relationship Expectations and Communicating Problems
8. A Discussion of Arguing
9. The Influence of Self-Esteem, Perceptions, and Emotions
10. Philosophies to Live By
11. Child Development and Parenting
12. Adolescence
13. Broken Families
14. Family Blending
15. Interventions, Discipline and Punishment
16. Professional Interventions
17. Inappropriate Paternal Behaviors
18. A Final Note
Dedication and Acknowledgments